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Window prices by size

 The deciding factor when choosing a window replacement is its cost. Find out what it depends on and what you can save on when ordering glazing without sacrificing quality.

  • What does the window companies near me depend on?

  • There are four critical factors in the pricing of window systems:

  • Materials and components,

  • The quality of the assembly line,

  • the quality of installation of structures,

  • The level of skill and experience of installers.

  • Under advertising pressure, it is difficult for a homeowner to choose high-quality windows. He is forced to spend a lot of time and effort to get an idea of the technical component of window production. However, the result is worth it - correctly selected glazing serves for years and is safe for the family's health.

  • The first difference between expensive and cheap windows is the materials and components.

  • Yellowing, cracks, and plastic deformation due to sunlight exposure are what you may encounter when buying a cheap, low-quality profile.

  • German quality tested for years - this is your assurance of environmental friendliness and longevity of materials. Millions of clients have already made their choice in favor of Rehau.

  • The profile, to a greater extent, affects the total price of the window.

  • The cost of the profile system is determined by its brand. Analogs of German products are often cheaper because the production conditions and technologies do not correspond to 100% original. Large companies strictly monitor compliance with technological and production standards of partners whose activities are certified. The lack of a "brand" certificate indicates a low-quality product.

  • The plastic profile is made of PVC with the addition of components that give the plastic the necessary qualities. Cheap systems may not contain titanium oxide, which can protect plastic profiles from burning in the sun.

  • Multi-chamber profile systems are more expensive - they have a more complex geometry inside, are harder to produce, and are built on more expensive equipment. More chambers in the window - more its mounting depth, the expense of the material to make the product. As a result, its cost is higher.

  • The minimum thickness of the outer wall of the profile (it often saves unscrupulous manufacturers) should not exceed 3 mm.

  • Plastic reinforces the steel reinforcement, affecting the finished window's cost. If the steel alloy thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 mm and is not protected against corrosion, it is cheaper but more vulnerable to the environment. Galvanized 1.5 mm steel is more expensive and more robust.

  • More expensive profile systems - with rounded outlines, smooth lines, and non-standard shapes. The cheaper ones have straight lines. They are easier to produce.

  • You can order products from a supplier who sells profiles from the original manufacturer and a certified partner of the European companies producing windows in Russia. The second solution is more profitable because of the lower transport costs.

  • Poor quality insulating glass is a high probability of deplorable consequences.

  • You do not care how much your window will smell cold, and that street noise can be heard almost the same as before replacement?

  • We offer top-of-the-line glazing that is resistant to possible damage. They meet the world's requirements.

  • The price for glass packages depends on the quality of glass, the number of chambers, and their "gas filling."

  • At the heart of the product is sheet glass of M0-M7 grades. Higher quality is marked by a higher number, fewer distortions and defects.

  • Glass sheet comes in different thicknesses, with other coatings and multi-layered armor. Variety affects its cost.

  • The formula of the glass package indicates the thickness and type of glass, the width of the air chambers, and the filling material (from the outside). Single-chamber glass package with a typical width of 2.4 cm (with a minimum of 1.8 cm) is suitable for the glazing of the warehouse and technical facilities but not residential. Products 3.2 cm wide are more energy-efficient but have a more expansive separation bar and a larger volume of desiccant that is more expensive. Two-chamber counterparts are quieter, warmer, and more costly. Three-chambered ones are designed for operation in the northern regions with winter temperatures down to -40 °C. The difference in heat and noise insulation is significant in rates. Three-chamber double-glazed windows are often chosen by owners of cottages and individually heated apartments.

  • If the same package is assembled with a glass of different thickness, the thickness of the chambers is different; it better absorbs sound and retains heat. But the improved product is more expensive because of the more complex manufacturing process.

  • Inert gas (argon, expensive and designed for the extreme cold of northern regions xenon, krypton) helps to improve the window characteristics. It is used as a chamber filling material.

Poor-quality fittings pose a threat to you and your children. Is the safety of your loved ones worth the money saved?

When it comes to reliability, details matter, and reliable hardware is a guarantee of safety for you and your child.

Answering the question of what the cost of the plastic window depends on, you can not forget about the fittings. It accounts for about 15-20% of the price of the PVC window unit.

High strength and reliability are required from the fittings. With quality fittings, sashes do not sag during operation and are usually open and close. There are higher requirements for fasteners if the window is multi-chambered, with multi-glazed windows, and weighs more.

The cheapest handles are plastic. More expensive are aluminum handles. Brass and wood are the most costly.

Installing anti-burglary hardware increases the cost of the window up to $ 23 but justifies itself by reducing the risks and the possible damage. Mainly if the apartment is located on the first floor. The highest quality is considered durable window hardware Roto with anti-burglary parts. It is more expensive than analogs by about $15. However, the decision pays off, thinking it costs $77 or more to replace unreliable cheap hardware. Childproof window locks can add up to $23 per system to the glazing cost but will increase the security and convenience of the window.

Installing a comb that locks the open sash causes the window unit to cost $6 more on average, but it makes it more convenient to ventilate the room.

It is cheaper to install blank window units - they do not need hardware. But such products can be installed only in technical rooms without ventilation. So blank sashes are often combined with hinged, sliding on balconies and loggias. If necessary, you can replace the deaf strap. Tilt-and-turn is a little more expensive than standard hinged but more convenient to use, do not interfere with the placement of flowers and things on the window sill. 

Cheap gasket material can play a cruel trick on you.

Are you prepared for drafts, noise, freezing, and other unpleasant things due to poor-quality materials?

We value your health and comfort by using only Rehau branded seals. This is a guarantee of high quality and a confirmation of your peace of mind.

These elements provide tightness to the window profile and the sash to the frame. The average price of one meter of rubber gasket is 30-55 rubles. The sealing contour is made of ethylene-propylene rubber (sulfur-containing promotes the yellowing of plastic, from peroxide - does not yellow), silicone, and modified PVC (which loses elasticity in extreme cold and is not suitable for northern regions). The most expensive and seldom used by homeowners are silicone seals. The usual color of the sealing contour is black. Colored and white circuits are more expensive.

Build quality

Lastly, plastic windows' price depends on the assembly quality. Usually, the official partners of world-renowned manufacturers of windows receive the original profiles and assemble and adjust the structure in their shops. The shape is cut with different performance equipment. The simplest ones produce 5-10 units per shift, and the most expensive automated lines have up to 200 window systems made of plastic. The assembly shop is also equipped with welding machines and automatic screwdrivers. The installation of high-capacity equipment is a practical solution in case of large volumes of work and also affects the cost of the windows. More prominent manufacturers of profile systems use more productive equipment on assembly lines, reducing the unit cost.

Installation quality

The installation cost depends not only on the complexity of the structure but also on the dismantling work and the height of the floor. It is cheaper to install windows in a new house than in a dilapidated old one. Affects the rates:

the shape and size of the opening - non-standard complicate glazing;

additional features such as insulation of soffits on the north side of buildings, installation of tilt-and-turn sashes;

the number of installation components - a window frame can weigh up to 100 kg and requires at least 14 fasteners (anchor plates) when mounting a double-sash system to prevent the window from sagging, warping of sashes, and cracks in the installation joints

availability of soffits, window sills, and low tides.

The skill level and experience of the installers.

The quality window for years pleasing to the comfort and view - the result of skillful installation work. They should be entrusted only to professionals. The skill level of installers must be high, and artisans respect the technology manufacturers and industry standards recommended. Firms-partners of REHAU concern, providing services of the window installation, confirm the qualification of the fitters with the certificates about the level of their professional training received from the German manufacturer.

Now you know why the prices for plastic windows differ and what consequences await you if you choose cheaper parts. Many factors influence the cost of glazing. Focusing on the characteristics of products, you can select the right windows without compromising on quality and acceptable price.

The window calculator allows you to calculate the window price online, including delivery and installation costs.

Step 1

First, select the type of window - the number of sashes or balcony unit, as well as the way the belt opens: a cross on the sash indicates a "deaf" window; one triangle on the strap suggests an opening to the side, with the broad side of the triangle will be installed hinges; two triangles on the sash indicate opening up and to the side. The appearance of the selected window configuration will be shown in the image.

Using the sliders or entering the keyboard, specify the window dimensions in millimeters. It is necessary to establish the dimensions of the window opening, i.e., from the left slope to the right and from the top pitch to the window sill. First, select the house type, which affects the windows' installation price. Next, specify your options: whether a sill, soffits, sill, and mosquito nets are required. The first three options are selected by default, so your window will be installed "turnkey." At any changes, the price of a window is automatically recalculated by the calculator. The cost of delivery and installation is indicated separately. The price includes an A-class plastic profile of the required thickness, Rehau or KBE. You can also order windows with wooden or aluminum shapes, but you can get their price by phone or call TWIG for an engineer.

Step 2

Click the "Step 2" button on the second screen to select the desired window properties. The four sliders on the screen allow you to choose the desired combination of window properties: energy savings, sun protection, noise reduction, and security. As you move the sliders, the configurator suggests a suitable insulating glass unit and recalculates the window price. The composition of the insulating glass unit is shown in the picture; its description, technical characteristics, and application are given next to it.

Several windows

To order several windows, add the required number of windows by clicking the button "Create a new window." Then, you can see all the windows and switch between them by clicking on the button "My windows" in the upper left corner. You can also give the windows a proper name in the window control panel, such as a living room window. You can also duplicate windows if you have several of the same openings or delete unnecessary ones.

You can view your entire order by clicking on the "Checkout" button. The screen displays your order information, where you can print it out, or by filling in your contact information, you can place your order.


The TWIG window calculator allows you to easily configure TWIG windows right on the site, which will not only close the window opening but will fill your home with comfort, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer and creating silence. In addition, TWIG plastic windows will also make your home safer by protecting it from unwanted guests and preventing trouble with broken glass.

A plastic windows calculator will help you to find out the cost of your windows: choose the configuration and equipment, and our experts will make a reliable calculation.

The cost of plastic windows depends on many parameters:

frame size,

the number of sashes and how they open,

type of double-glazed window,

the variant of finishing PVC profile,

and others.

So that our manager can take everything into account and make the most accurate and reliable cost calculation, set the parameters of each window:

Select the diagram of the future window using the icons on the left side of the screen.

Select the type of each sash under the picture and how it will open.

In the Window parameters section, enter data on the width and height of the structure (in millimeters).

Indicate the type of insulating glass unit and the color of the profile.

If you order several windows, click "Add new window" to move to the next construction.

Click "Get an estimate" and state your contact information in the application form.

Once we have received the necessary information, the manager will calculate the window size and give you an exact price. Then, a specialist will contact you to clarify your options.


For your convenience, we have divided the procedure for calculating the cost of a plastic window into three steps:

choosing the type of window/door,

setting the size and properties of the elements of the construction,

specifying additional features.

Of course, some of the parameters you can not change. So if your house is paneled, it imposes specific requirements on the manufacturing and installation technology. On the other hand, at your discretion, you can vary the technical features of future windows, choosing a warmer construction or noise-protective glass for a more comfortable stay close to the roadway adjacent to the house. Learn more about the options available here.

Since the online REHAU calculator is interactive, you can see how the final price changes depending on the input data. Therefore, the resulting sum may pleasantly surprise you, and you will choose to favor an even more comfortable solution in your life.

Suppose, for any reason, and you do not understand our REHAU calculator. In that case, we will gladly offer our help by phone or send you an appraiser who will make the necessary calculations and recommend the best construction for your conditions.


How to order the installation of plastic windows

Our specialists are ready to come to measure your windows at any convenient time. All you need to do is to call us or order a call-back on our site. Then, managers will contact you promptly and process your order.

Plastic windows installation consists of several stages:

First, an estimator makes a free measurement and consults on materials, profile and fittings.

After receiving measurements and approving the purchase, we begin the production of window construction. Each stage of manufacturing passes quality control.

Finished windows are delivered to the client in packaged form in specialized transport of our Window Factory. This guarantees the safety of products during transportation.

The final stage is the installation of window structures. Our masters have over ten years of experience.

Additional accessories

and accessories

If you wish, choose a one-chamber or two-chamber double-glazed window, choose a window with a leaf, an intelligent window, or a product with sun protection.

Additionally, we offer plastic profile lamination, installation of slopes, child locks, anti-burglary fittings, and mosquito nets.

Our Products

and services

Factory Windows is engaged in the installation of white plastic windows, as well as any non-standard glazing options. Please contact us for multi-colored frames or even colored glass, floor-to-ceiling panoramic glazing for an apartment in a new building or an entire cottage.

We can also make luxury window sills or stone countertops, glaze a conservatory, and pick up blinds or roller blinds. In addition, we can help with the repair of any manufacturer's PVC windows.

Prices for finished

windows (without installation)

Our customers are available to sell ready-made windows from stock for self-installation - this will come out cheaper. Such designs are not defective and have a warranty. However, an installation warranty is not provided. Fabrika Okon warns: that incorrect windows installation can lead to negative results.

That is why we strongly recommend buying plastic windows manufactured to order to your size with turnkey installation by professionals.

What do you pay attention to when choosing plastic windows? In addition to the manufacturer, we immediately pay attention to the price of the window.

Because of the large number of companies providing their services for the production of windows, the price of windows is also different. In my practice, there were cases of buying the same window for an additional fee, so I decided to tell you how much the window and its installation should cost.

The price of the window depends on many factors: the cost of the profile, the insulating glass, and the fittings for the window. In addition, the profile comprises two to six chambers, which also changes the price.

Also, the cost varies for the installation and delivery of the window leaf. Often, delivery for customers does for free, as a promotional event. But installation is a costly affair, sometimes a quarter of the total amount.

  1. So, what is the cost of, for example, a standard window with installation? More about that I want to tell you in this article.

  2. How much is a standard plastic window with installation

  3. The average cost of a standard window in the Russian Federation ranges from 7 to 12 thousand rubles. Why such a big difference and what the price difference depends on - let's dwell in more detail.

  4. Apartment buildings of a specific layout (panel, brick, block) have their standards of window openings. Of course, they differ in size, but it is possible to orient on the cost. Before placing an order, the master goes to the object and takes accurate measurements.

  5. If we take a two-part window with one sash with the dimensions 1350 by 1450 mm, then the whole set in an inexpensive profile with the installation will leave about $ 150 per month. Three-part window with one sash - $ 200.

  6. Price components

  7. These figures serve more for advertising, a reference point among firms, as the cost components are based on many factors:

  8. Profile system. Massive selection of PVC profiles of different brands, countries of origin, various chambers and versions (economy, Standard, elite), and design (choice of colors, wood lamination).

  9. Fittings. Most firms trust German hardware, but there are Chinese and Turkish brands widely used in window technology. Systems of opening windows can be rotary, tilt and turn and tilt. Also, install micro ventilation, handles with locks, and anti-burglary technology - all reflected in the price.

  10. Glazing. Insulating glass units with energy-saving glass, double-glazed, and different glass thicknesses may be in demand.

  11. Installation. Rapid disassembly and quality installation is the key to the successful operation of the plastic window. Install according to all regulations, adjust accessories, accurately and correctly fix the additions, and competently seal the slopes - not the installation's entire list of required functions. Professional installers work for a decent fee.

  12. Add-ons. Add-ons list the necessary but not essential elements of the window construction. A wide range of window sills, tides, soffits, mosquito nets, blinds, etc., are offered for an additional fee.

  13. Delivery. The cost of shipping plastic products varies depending on the customer's location. Out-of-town installations, in remote areas, settlements come out more expensive.

  14. Factory and manufacturing time. It is well-known that representatives of large, responsible manufacturers have a large customer base, the flow of orders, and, accordingly, longer processing time and lead time, and a queue for the installation crews. For urgency, you can pay extra or risk turning to a small, inexpensive office with a short installation period. Still, the success of such a venture is comparable to the lottery.

These factors can be added to the individual wishes of the customer, additional openings, and non-standard design of plastic products.

The main criteria in choosing should not be financial resources and advertising slogans but the quality of the product and installation, experience, warranty obligations, and responsibility of the company. Do not forget that the new plastic windows should serve for a long time, performing all the functions of heat retention flawlessly, ensuring proper air exchange, and maintaining comfort in your home.

If we are talking about a typical standard window in an apartment building, its price is approximately the same as most companies offering similar services in the capital. However, high "window" technology allows, in addition to providing comfort to solve related issues, energy savings, protection from ultraviolet rays, etc.

The total amount will depend on the type of construction you choose and how much it costs to install a plastic window in this company.

Cost of installation

A set of works for the installation of a PVC window is the following activities:

Dismantling the old window structures;

Transportation of the plastic windows to the "destination point";


Garbage removal.

The installation cost will vary depending on how labor-intensive each stage is in your specific case. Of course, we are talking about such "features" of the object, " such as the need to manually lift the construction on a high floor.

Mosquito net on a plastic window

A mosquito net is crucial to ensure maximum comfort of the window in the summertime. It prevents not only mosquitoes but also any other unwanted insects from entering the room.

Ordering mosquito netting is not expensive, so you should not neglect the opportunity to ensure yourself a comfortable sleep on summer nights. In addition, its operation is effortless - anyone can insert or remove the mesh in the fall by themselves.

What are the manufacturer's prices for plastic windows?

Employees of the company calculate the cost of plastic windows, taking into account the following factors:

Type of profile. There are three types of systems in the catalog of plastic windows of our company: Economy, Standard, and Thermo. You can buy inexpensive plastic windows with the Economy profile, which are 58 mm thick, Standard - 58 mm, and the third option - 70 mm. The calculator of the cost of plastic windows takes this into account, but a more accurate price can be found by calling a measuring engineer at home.

The size of the window opening. Making a correct calculation of the size of the window can only be done by an experienced measuring technician. To determine the parameters of the future PVC window, you need to measure the outside and inside the apartment. When these data have a company manager, they can calculate the cost of plastic window size, considering the price per m2. You can also independently calculate the system's worth using the PVC windows calculator.

Configuration. In this case, the cost of the PVC windows depends on the client's wishes and choice concerning the type of opening and the number of fixed and opening casements. You can view our price list to get acquainted with the features of different variants of plastic windows and doors. The more complex the configuration, the higher the plastic window prices. You can buy inexpensive double-pane systems, the final costs of which depend on the type of profile.

PVC profile lamination. This technology involves applying a film on the PVC profile's surface, so the windows' calculation should include the cost of lamination. In the price list of plastic windows, you can see that the more original and complicated the type of lamination, the higher the cost of the whole system.

Fittings. Finding out how much it costs for a plastic window, you should not forget to ask about the price of accessories. Quality hardware protects against cold and noise and provides a snug fit of the sashes to each other. Therefore, calculating the cost of the window on the calculator takes into account whether the customer will buy a mosquito net. And hardware, which manufacturer he will choose, looking through the price lists of windows.

The features of the room. To correctly perform a cost calculation, you need to consider which side of the world the PVC windows will face. For example, if the design meets the north side, you need to take care of its insulation, affecting the window's price calculation. And systems on the south side should be wrapped with a unique film that detains the sun's rays. In all these cases, the cost of plastic windows will be different.

Type of house. You must evaluate the building type to determine how much plastic windows cost. For example, it is known that installing a standard plastic window at the manufacturer's price in brick houses is more labor-intensive and complicated than in panel houses.

This is because brick walls are wide and very often rough window openings. Therefore, the low prices for turnkey plastic windows are valid for panel houses. And do not forget that for accurate calculations on our price calculator, you need to specify the appropriate type of house.

Total prices for the windows include only the cost of production, and their installation is free.

It is worth considering the main stages into which the installation is divided, which will allow you to understand the process and its results fully:

  1. After contacting the company, we find out the client's basic requirements. Choosing the best option based on the desired parameters is also possible.

  2. Then the master goes directly to the future work object to take basic measurements and study the window system as a whole. This stage is the most actual for old houses and historical funds where all constructional elements have non-standard configurations.

  3. The coordination of all parameters with the customers and discussion of the details allows the selection of the final variant, which will satisfy the demands and requirements of the tenants—also assigned a specific day for the installation, which will be comfortable for the customer.

  4. On the declared date, a team of specialists, workers, and everything you need go to the site. First, it is required to dismantle the old windows and prepare the opening for the installation of insulating glass.

  5. The complete arrangement of the window system also involves equipping the window sills and liners. Installation must be carried out on both sides of the building (exterior and interior).

  6. After the installation, the masters will give the occupants brief instructions regarding the system's proper operation. We will explain the basic rules of procedure, allowing you to keep the window construction in one piece for many years.

If desired, purchasing additional accessories is also discussed in advance, as well as window adjustments: ventilation modes (micro-ventilation) adjustment, etc. Thus, plastic windows will fully perform their purpose, demonstrating excellent practicality and functionality.

Among additional services in our company, the most common ones are worth noting. For example, 60% of clients order mosquito nets while installing windows. Another 20% buy them within a month after installation. This device is very relevant in warm seasons as it helps to prevent insects from getting into the house.

The best option for families with small children would be security systems that do not allow opening windows without a unique key; they are also called child locks for windows. Thus, parents can protect their children if they need to be left home alone for any reason.

The main feature is the ability to set the window in the ventilation position while it is still impossible to open it completely.

For the residents of the lower floors and private houses and cottages will be beneficial information about the anti-burglary fittings, which can not be unscrewed when you are on the outside of the building. This dramatically reduces the chances of illegal intrusion into the dwelling. Also, this system is well suited for country houses or cottages, where there are no permanent residents, and the building is not watched.

Now the market for plastic windows is relatively developed, and in the construction industry, these products are one of the most popular in the world. So naturally, everyone wants to make their home warm and comfortable, providing it with all the state-of-the-art amenities at the core of the standards of modern homes.

That is why plastic windows are becoming a significant commodity in the market due to their thermal insulation properties and ease of operation. But unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion in the hordes of different proposals collapsing on the client: the question of how much it costs to install plastic windows has many surprising answers, and here it is essential not to miscalculate.

Of course, as soon we have to talk about many potential customers for such products, it is also important to note the significant number of manufacturers and suppliers. Competition in this area is constantly growing, and the range of retailers and installers filled with various products significantly differentiate in price and quality.

Based on this fact, when choosing a suitable solution, you should pay attention to the many criteria affecting the cost of windows. The price range is wide enough, and it is essential not to get confused in a sea of solutions. Understanding these points will help you save money where appropriate, not sparing cash where it could result in negative consequences.

Of course, going into detail, you will find that there will be many factors that affect your costs when buying such a product, but all of them can be generalized and fairly accurately put into some system.

In general, it is pretty tricky to calculate the cost of a plastic window. Still, it is quite possible to estimate it based on those variables that add or subtract products of value in various combinations.

At this point, we won't focus on the window models themselves but instead turn to more general things. Among the main factors that make up, directly, the cost, the following may be singled out in the first place:

  1. Configuration. It's one thing if you need standard-sized windows, but this is not the case if you need specific individual dimensions for a non-typical opening. Of course, the first option is always much easier and cheaper.

  2. Insulating glass unit thickness and number of air chambers. The quality of thermal insulation and protection against wind depends on this parameter. Nowadays, two-chamber variants are often the most effective and reliable while not too expensive. Usually, the space between the panes is filled with inert gas, and this solution helps to provide low thermal conductivity, which is appropriate for harsh Russian winters.

  3. Type of glass. To improve the valuable properties in the production of drink, special coatings that work with the infrared spectrum, which in summer do not let the scorching rays, and in winter helps retain heat in the room. Also, in some cases, self-cleaning glass is used, in addition, to options that use a special coating that protects the integrity of the glass at sharp temperature changes.

  4. Complexity and term of installation. Naturally, all installation work will cost you an amount proportional to these parameters. Some firms offer to install ready-made double-glazed windows in a few hours, but also ask a round sum, so you decide. Plays a role and the season of work, it is logical that the cheapest way to change the windows when customers at these firms minimum. The price may jump when you need a replacement in adverse weather conditions, complicating the work of artisans at times. Particular attention requires a large order when you must put a solid amount of glass for a limited period and increase the number of workers in the brigade.

  5. Additional fittings. Installing windows often requires installing other trim, corners, and window sill. This also requires additional costs for materials and for the installation itself. The same goes for the blinds and sashes that can be used. Non-standard shapes and colors in the design of such a solution, which sometimes demanding customers go for, will cost much more.

In general, these trends are characteristic of all decisions in this area. However, if you are still interested in how much it costs to install a plastic window, this is not all you should consider. So, again, this is the most general criteria, but some other essential points are worth highlighting separately.

As a general rule, domestic products are almost always cheaper than imported, but precisely to the same extent inferior to the latter in quality. All windows are very different, and, making choices, it is effortless to get confused in a mass of manufacturers, each of which has something good.

The question of which plastic window profile is better will be somewhat irrelevant in most situations because it depends on its requirements. However, we will give some examples of the most popular companies, which will help you orient yourself.

  • Rehau is probably one of the best-known companies nowadays. These windows are durable, versatile, and have an attractive appearance. The excellent performance and the most advanced insulation technologies have enabled these products to become market leaders at the moment.

  • In addition, they are well protected against burglary and have a unique intelligent climate control system. The price range for a standard 1450×1400 double-hung window can range from about $7 to $170, depending on the series.

  • Windows KBE is famous for its long service life, up to 50 years; in addition, they are straightforward to clean, they are environmentally friendly, and the fittings are made very stylish, which cannot leave indifferent connoisseurs of such products.

What needs to be done:

  1. Remove drapes, blinds, shades, and curtains. Remove flowers from the window sill and furnishings.

  2. Move furniture to a distance of two meters from the window to free access to the window opening.

  3. Remove or cover the floor covering (carpet or carpet).

  4. If the floor is parquet, you must provide additional protection in cardboard or a thick cloth.

  5. It is also necessary to take care of household appliances and furniture - cover them with film or cloth. If possible, remove all unnecessary things from the room where installation work will occur.

  6. It is also necessary to prepare access to electricity.

Window prices by size

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